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I can receive as far south as Kyoto on that receiver. Darryl how did you find out they were confirmed and recent ? I have heard handoffs from 133.35 to 134.35 . Cant get the handoffs from 132.45/133.025 SW ward

I would somehow hope that maybe the operator of the feed be able to Temporarily make a feed or add to the 118.9 feed 133.15 and 135.3 , maybe a week so i can cross reference if that is not too much to ask of ?

The bandwidth of the RTL-SDR dongle is limited to 2.56Mhz and cannot be covered by one dongle.   :oops:
If I can find a way to buy an additional dongle and antenna without telling my wife, I might be able to do it.  :wink:

Ah the dreaded wife I see....that would explain things ..

I asked Amazon to deliver to office address 8-), and got additional dongle without family trouble
Now RJFF Controls updated and started test streaming...

Previous:  1 channel
Facility     Frequency
Kobe Control (N53)     118.900

Current:  6 channels mixed, 1st to 6th panning from left to right,  1st and 6th are busy.
Facility     Frequency
Kobe Control (N53)     118.900     Good
Fukuoka Control (F12)     133.150     Fairly good
Fukuoka Control (F13)     133.600     Sometime when handover
Kobe Control (N54)     133.850     Same the above
Fukuoka Control (F14)     135.300     Same the above
Kobe Control (N52)     135.650     Good

This is the limit of what I can do  :wink:


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