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Title: Flight SWR193E's detour around Matterhorn
Post by: leiar on April 16, 2014, 01:43:23 PM
On 15 April around 14:00 UTC, flight SWR193E from Barcelona to Zurich made a little lovely detour from its usual flight path. Turned right at French/Italian border, flew towards Matterhorn and then turned back on its original intended track. (A friend of mine was on this flight and apparently, the pilot took them intentionally - because of great weather and visibility - on a little tour round the Alps:) ) I was wondering: which ATC would the flight talk to in order to request clearance to do this? French en-route? Italian en-route? Swiss en-route? Or anyone else? Any suggestions? I would love to hear that conversation :)

A link to the flight below.