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ZLA tour report and challenge.
« on: February 03, 2019, 03:48:35 PM »
Happy Sunday everyone. First of all, from where I live two of the LA Center facilities is 102 miles total. Nice drive though. Across the street is a vintage airplane air park. NASA 747 is there along with a SR71 Blackbird. for pictures of those check me out on Instagram @cdf613. I will be posting those pictures later this week.

ok, this was one of the craziest things I have ever done in my life. The person who gave a tour showed me where his office was then we went onto the actual floor where everything was going on. We saw different people working there in different areas. Each area was broken up into work stations, for example those people going to or from Las Vegas would arrive and depart and be handed of to a certain group of work stations. I parked myself in an empty one and our tour guide hooked up apse headsets that looked like landline phone receivers and let us listen to the busiest frequency in that cluster. We did that for the LA area departures and planes going  over to Santa Barbara as well.
Frequencies I listened to are the following:
133.2 (not sure if covered by Live atc)
133.55 (not sure if covered by Live atc)
124.62 (not sure if covered by Live atc)

On to the challenge.
Dave and all other admins, Are you ready?
This might not be possible but, is there a way to get all LA frequencies covered by Live Atc with controllers and airports, or is that nor possible because there are not people in certain areas? I'm willing to post  something on my Twitter and Facebook to get feeds providers. But if it's not logistically possible because there are not people living in certain areas I would like to be told. i wonder if this challenge will be accepted or not. The goal to get this done would be November 23rd 2020. What do you think of this guys? I think this will be interesting.
If anyone wants to hear more in depth about the tour feel free to drop me an email at So I know who you are when you put your name at the bottom of the email please add you LiveAtc username so I know who I'm talking to.
Have a great day

And before I forget, I have to do this.
Go Rams!