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Czech Republic: LKPR - 6 feeds are down; ticket 52913

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I would like to ask you, if there is any new about situation in Czech Republic - LKPR airport. It´s only big airport in our country and it had six feeds which are currently down.

M colleague sent a question, ticket 52913, and reply was We do not currently have any live channels at LKPR due to equipment trouble that can´t be fixed any time soon.

Is there someone who could be contacted about that and help them to bring our feeds online please? Who told you about equipment trouble? We are small country but we have a strong comunity able to help with this.

Or is this some kind of excuse to cover problems with national authority (no offense)? We really dont want end like feeds at France ended.

Thank you very much for your reply

Best regards

Jiri Hanyk

The feeds are down due to equipment issues. There is no other reason.

Thank you for that reply. But I am asking for more information, are those equipment troubles on your side? Or on the side of third party? I am asking because feeds are not down for a few days but for months, so we could provide some kind of help with that.

Thank you


Problem at receiver site. We need a new receiver site with new equipment. We can supply equipment for a suitable site close to the airport (< 5km).

I understand. Could you tell me who was providing the receiver site? It was some person or company? What requirments are neccceseary for placing the receiver?


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