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CYYZ Arrival - Feed Seems OK but No Sound

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I don't know exactly when but it's been several months since I could listen to this feed. It seems to be up but no voices.

The last year or so with the reduction of traffic, most of the time there has only been 1 controller for CYYZ ARR/DEP. When there is only one controller, the primary frequency is 128.00 (Departure). Depending on how the controller has it setup, they may cross-couple both frequencies, but most of the time will only open up 132.80 (Arrival) when they need a second controller.

Thanks autodude145. My only other question is: I used to be able to follow continuously all the way from Toronto Center (Barrie) to the Apron but now there is a gap between Toronto Center (Barrie) and Arrivals. There should be a Toronto Center at 127.0 but there isn't. Is that just because nobody is monitoring that frequency?

I see this is already being covered in another post so no need to continue here.

Would you mind linking the "other post" that this is being covered in?


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