Author Topic: CZYZ Toronto Center (Barrie) also has unlisted Timmins frequency  (Read 42 times)

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The Toronto Center (Barrie) feed lists only the "Toronto Center (Barrie Sector, East High), 134.575" frequency.
However, listening today, I discovered that it also has 121.225.  This frequency is listed in the (Currently Down) Toronto Center (Timmins) feed as "Toronto Center (North Bay High Sector), 121.225"

Proof of this can be found by listening to the Toronto Center (Barrie) Archive on 2021-08-03 from 0530Z to 0600Z.  Starting just before 31 minutes (i.e. at the very end), the controller can be heard switching EVA 031 over to his "other frequency".  (Note that EVA 031 incorrectly reads it back as 131.225 the second time).  It's clear that the frequency was actually switched, as the audio quality of EVA 031 is significantly better when he reads back the frequency the second time.

Can the listing for the "Toronto Center (Barrie)" feed be updated to include "Toronto Center (North Bay High Sector), 121.225"?
Also, is there any way for someone to check/ask how many other frequencies are included in the "Toronto Center (Barrie)" feed that are currently unlisted?  "Toronto Center (Timmins)" has a fair number of frequencies on it, and it's unfortunate that it's down as many of those frequencies would be nice to have access to.  (Maybe we have access to them through "Barrie" but we just don't know it as it isn't listed.)