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Cost of archives older than 30 days


How much would it cost to get an ATC audio clip greater than 30 days old in general? Is it pretty inexpensive? I have a couple that I was looking to get from a flight I did last October.

Contact us at: with the details of what you're looking for and we'll be happy to help.

In terms of having it set up permanently, maybe it's something we could all chip in for? Like a premium membership type thing?

I am assuming it is U$50/U$150 via PayPal. Here is the message I received from today:

"To obtain the recording(s) please send $50 USD (if for personal use) and $150 USD (if for commercial/legal/regulatory use) to "" via PayPal. Once the fee is paid we will send you the recording(s) via email or URL"

Yes, it is in US dollars via PayPal to


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