Author Topic: Controller in trouble for letting child direct air traffic at Kennedy Airport  (Read 54943 times)

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I caught this quick clip of an exchange between DL31 and JFK Tower earlier this evening about this. I think that Delta pilot pretty much sums it up!

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I agree with the poster who noted that is a "double edged sword."  I've been with the site for many years, and while I'm happy to see it grow among in popularity among aviators, controllers, and enthusiasts (a reward for Dave's hard work), I assume there's a notable spike in members/listeners after major incidents caught by our volunteer feeders (Cactus 1549, Colgan,) to name a few recent ones.

If I were a news reporter looking for the next "scoop," I would be monitoring a site like this regularly.  Undoubtedly there are some among us.  They are welcome here, by Dave's prerogative.  My point?  This is not just a small site/discussion board where a handful of members or fans muse over interesting/informative/entertaining clips any more.  There's a wider audience, and we can see if everyone's updated the survey on what type of listener they are.

Looking back to some clips everyone enjoyed from years ago, though, I'd imagine some would generate some media "column inches." For example, a controller proposing to his girlfriend over the air many years ago...there were no suspensions.  No "What if there was an emergency while he was speaking?"  No "he broke the rules."  No public outcry. (and please, nobody start a riot over this)...

That was a different time, and today, it's probably wise to take a second and think about the consequences of our posts.  Who knows who may be reading/listening, and as we have seen in the past and now, things that are posted here can have real consequences on real people.

This is not to say LiveATC caused the current situation, but what could have been a quiet FAA investigation into misconduct now has to ability to sell some papers.  It's got audio to go with it (It was the #1 story, above the deadly Chilean earthquake).  Now it's out.  So the FAA has to take action and heads must roll.  Now the NATCA is forced to respond with a public statement.  Dave has to be contacted for his comment....and on and on....

It's a different time.  Time to go find the next scoop.

*Here's one reporter who's obviously well aware of our recent conversation here...
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this story/issue is plain ridiculous. As a private pilot (not flying from jfk, I wish!), and a frequent flyer from JFK I see nothing wrong with this. It is pure BS, specially media BS!

Big differences I know, but when I fly (as pilot) it makes such a big difference when controllers are friendly, make jokes etc. I understand that this could have broken some regulations, but it hurt no one, and made for a very nice 15min of an otherwise extremely stressful work environment! People need to get some perspective, and start seen life in a more positive way.  

If any of the JFK controllers lurk around here, as a frequent user of your services, I say thank you! you guys do a great job, all the best for the controller in question, hope some other stupid story comes up soon so the media and the public that cant wait for the next story that destroys someone else's life lets this one die!


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Hello,everyone   I've looked at the helpful links that have been provided to better understand both sides of this incident. The major networks here in Calif. have turned what is essentially a non-event (imo)... into a public relations nightmare for all concerned in this story. It's pretty obvious that media producers have given this story "market value"....and all the venues are going to profit by disseminating this story with the worst possible spin. Yet, these same networks allow themselves to run feature stories about full body scanner methodology at LAX (indirectly compromising air crew and passenger safety). How ironic ! I'll just wish the best for this controller,family,his immediate super.and anyone else who may be targeted for action...and maybe this will all blow over w/o causing undue damage or a loss of confidence(which might just the intended goal of certain politicos and/or orgs. with hidden agendas). Thank you.


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How dare someone inject a bit of lightheartedness into their job!  He must be drug out into the street and executed immediately!


The media this day and age blows things massively out of proportion.  They pander to the uneducated and ill-informed with such bias that it only does nothing but only further ignorance.  

This should be a non-issue.  As said previously, the child was 100% supervised.  He was being told exactly what to say for only the briefest transmissions, while the controller was in complete authority of the situation.  His child was not grabbing the mic randomly screaming "OMFG EVRYBODY CLR FOR TAKEOFFS! LOL!!", but rather following his dad's instructions to the letter.

We've heard this controller before, he's not a slacker.  He is a professional who does his job day in and day out safely and smartly.  I would not call this a lapse of judgment.  He's just a father who wants to show his children 'what daddy does for a living', and at the same time brighten up this dreary and bleak world we live in, if only for a little bit.

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Right on! I concur 100%
I'd say some of the media are the ones who are uneducated and ill-informed most of the time.
I always have to laugh (actually cringe) when someone refers to a helicopter main rotor as a 'propeller'!

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We kill over 100 people a day on highways and 50 each day with our guns, we cripple hundreds of thousands each year with the same tools and this is what the news feeds us. Feed us only one side of a story not all the facts and if anyone has harmless fun banish them.

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As a pilot i also say it was inspiring that ATC is perhaps trying to interest kids in the profession. ATC faces severe shortages for the future and having to work for the Fed may be part of it, 20 years of being under those types that you saw on NBC, ABC, CBS Evening News, the type of kings that brought you the National Deficit. Blessings to you JFK.    gs

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You got that right..... I would be willing to bet that ANYONE in the aviation industry be it baggage handlers or GA pilots would line up at the stairs of their local ATC tower with their kids if giving the chance.  That is a once in a lifetime opportunity for those kids and may very well spark the interest in a dying breed of professionals.  The problem with the USA today is all this political correctness. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it !!

the FAA and NATCA National should be the last to pull the professionalism and responsibility card out.

And I find it amazing that the people who seem to be so outraged about this are not much more outraged about the massive waste that surrounds FAA and other government projects.