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Ref Boston request....some of these frequencies on LiveAtc would be of super interest to those of us on this side of the Atlantic (Europe)
I track these flights Westbound over Ireland during the day and Eastbound in the mornings.   Come on guys ....go for it !!!!!!!


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Awesome website, great job !

Just wondering if we can make requests ? I'd like to monitor the high level traffic overhead the Boston area sometime, lot's of NAT traffic. Any chance you could tune/scan 127.825, 128.750, 134.950, 133.450 sometime on one of the Boston radios ? The early evening would be best, to catch the rush heading towards Europe. Just for one or two evenings. Anyone else interested in this ?


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I'd be happy to add these for a while as an experiment.  I am far away from the ground transmitters so for now we would only hear aircraft.

These will be added to the Boston Center GDM3 feed soon.


OK, these are up...I can't remove the lower altitude sectors right now but will leave the high altitude sectors in as long as you like.

There is some VHF signal enhancement this morning so the controller side is audible on some of the high altitude sectors, but that probably won't last since the enhancement will burn off as the temperature rises.


Thanks Dave...European traffic rolling in as flyovers in the Boston area..I am also watching them on the Boston area flight tracking on I
am also listening to Atlantic HF and trying to match up your transmissions on 5616 with my reciever here in Ireland. In Ireland at night Gander as well as Shanwick ground come in......Akb


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