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I forgot to tell you where those freq's I gave you a couple days ago cover. Here it goes PIT lows from south to north on the easternmost boundary with NY CENT ARE 124.4,121.2,126.725,124.325,127.475(west of this sector is 132.4. west of thses sectors are 125.2,120.775,128.15,and 134.9(tons of cleveland in and outbound traff can be heard on these).High Lvels are same they cover eastern most boundaries with NY CENTER. 125.425,121.075(UH),132.125,135.175(UH).119.725,133.075(UH),134.125,132.925(UH),118.625,128.025,120.625(UH).West of 133.075/119.725 is 119.875,133.375,120.325(UH) North os this sector is 134.775,120.075(UH).INDY is 119.525,125.075,120.275(UH) SOUTH OF 125.425,121.075. AND 132.825,133.775 WEST OF 125.425,121.075 Sector. You may get some WASH at low(128.6,133.65,134.15 and high(118.025,133.275,133.975. Enjoy