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Any Austrailian here ??


Hello everyone !!

anywayzzz....i need some information about astrailian Avaiton..

i'm south korean yeah and 17yrs old....but my eyes is ill bit bad eh..

so..i have to go to Austrailia avaition univerysty ...T-T's too difficoult to get some information about austrailia aviation

anybody know's about that...?

or someone got any messenger ...??

- neeed help - :cry:

Edith Cowan Uni -
University of South Australia -
Avondale College School of Aviation -
National Aerospace Training -
University of New South Wales -
Central Queensland University -
Sharp Aviation -
General Flying Services -
Seecombe Aviation -
Western Australian Aviation College -
Sydney Aviatin College -
Flight Training Australia -
Bruce Hartwig Flying School -
Basair Australia -
Aerospace Aviation -
Gostner Aviation -
Brindabella Airlines Flight Training -
Johnston Aviation Services -

I got all these out of the September/October edition of 'Australian Flying' magazine, hope it helps.


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