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Another CYYT question (apologies in advance)


Hey guys, I've been away from spotting and ATC for way too long, but slowly getting back in the flow. I remember being able to listen to cross-Atlantic traffic many years ago but now for I can't seem to find anything under CYYT, and not sure if its carried over HF (A, B, C?).

On a side note, its good to see some familiar names (from 12-13 years ago) here; its been a while.


Try CYYR Gander Center you get high and low crossing traffic but CPDLC a satellite tracking and comms system is now used for messages and freq changes but there is still a lot of activity
on the CYYR feed   



--- Quote ---I can't seem to find anything under CYYT
--- End quote ---

Unfortunately the high altitude sectors are not covered by the CYYT feed. However the eastbound Gander HF freqency assignments are still being given by Gander Radio on VHF voice, which you can monitor on the CYYT Gander Radio (International Air Radio) feed.   


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