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American 2211 (Help Requested)


Just wondering if any live ATC experts can help me find the audio of my flight this week that did a go-around. It was my first go-around in years on a commercial plane. I've been trolling the archives, but not finding anything. Everyone is safe and there was no real drama on board, so just curious what actually happened.

Nov 13, Miami International, approximately 6pm local time. American Airlines flight 2211, STX-MIA.

Tried to find the audio but unfortunately it seems that the audio file for your flight at the time of your go-around was missing the portion where your flight did the go-around.  Most likely there was another flight that landed before yours and may not have cleared the runway fast enough or maybe a departing flight couldn't start their takeoff roll quick enough for whatever reason and that's why the go-around.  It's interesting that another flight (AAL943) was also told to go-around about ten minutes after your flight but probably not for the same reason.


Thank you for taking a look. I feel better that it wasn't just user error and that the audio wasn't there.

I figure it was just something on the runway, but thought since I experienced it in person I'd be fun to hear the exchange. Oh well, of to fly again this afternoon.  8-)


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