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ADB-S Exhange FAA Charts


Apparently Chart Bundles which supplies the FAA charts for ADB-S exchange has stopped its service. So the FAA Charts are not
loading properly now or at all.
Anybody know if ADB-S Exchange is working on a replacement solution. The charts were great for flight tracking purposes.
I see that FlightRadar24 offers the FAA chart overlays as part of one it's subscription plans, but it does not track all flights, such
as military, or those requesting their aircraft not be tracked, etc. as does ADB-S.

I haven't had much time to dig deep into this much myself yet, but I found a few threads on their Discord server, from one of the mods/devs:

"The provider of these charts discontinued the service (ChartBundle). It affects everyone (FlightAware etc.). We will monitor the situation."

"We just found out this morning and haven't identified a new tile provider so it will probably be some time before a solution is found."

New site set up by former members of ADB-S. They are using the FAA chart tiles. Go to to check it out. Looks identical
to ADB-S site. Don't know if the FAA chart tiles are updated or they are just using the last ones provided by Chart Bundle.

Added Note: The site does have an issue with the FAA Map tiles not loading properly. If you zoom too far out on the IFR map, for example,
you lose the map tiles; or if you move the map, the tiles do not follow along. Site operators are aware of issue and
working on it. It is working better as of this morning, 2/23.


Weird.. why not just get them from the FAA? they're freely available for them. Airnav links directly to those charts and hasn't had a problem doing that for 25+ years..


So both ADS-B and Airplanes.Live have the FAA Chart tiles back. But there is still a problem with the tile loading. If you zoom in too much you
lose the adjacent map tiles if you move the map around. In congested airplane traffic areas such as NYC airports you get a mass of airplanes,
with the zoom setting that keeps the tiles properly loaded. Hopefully they can get this corrected.


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