Author Topic: Absolute Newbie needs help with hardware  (Read 3994 times)

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Absolute Newbie needs help with hardware
« on: March 07, 2008, 03:45:25 AM »
First off greetings to all the veterans out there. I am an aviation enthusiast and have only recently started listening in to KJFK twr using the audio feed. I live in New Delhi, India and would love to listen in to VIDP (the intl. airport over here) directly. The airport freqs r as follows

DELHI TWR   119.3  118.75
DELHI GND   118.1
ATIS   126.4
DELHI APP   127.9

VIDP is approx. 25 kms from my residence. I have absolutely no hardware nor any knowledge of how to tune in to an ATC. I would be extremely grateful if one of you members out there could tell me about what equipment I should buy as a beginner. Also, I would like to build a J-Pole antenna myself. Can anybody tell me how to go about doing that.

Thanks in advance