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KLAF S-11 flyover and heavy traffic
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Phan Thiet Tour 2 days 1 night cheap
- Come to Phan Thiet 2 days 1 night tour of Saigontourism you will discover the land with sun and wind and the beautiful scenery, create a colorful picture of nature. Come to Phan Thiet you can be free to conquer Mui Ne sand hill or explore the wild beauty of Hon Rom and enjoy the delicacies of nature and enjoy the exciting holidays during the holidays. So take a look through the tour program Phan Thiet 2 days 1 night what is attractive?

- Car and tour guide Saigontourism welcome tour Phan Thiet - Mui Ne - Hon Rom at the rendezvous.
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- Have Lunch and get room to rest in Phan Thiet.
- The delegation gathered at Phan Thiet beach to participate in the sea sports games with live sound system, games played by Saigontourism include: Bringing water to the source, soccer ball, dance In particular, in the Phan Thiet - Mui Ne - Hon Rom tours 2 days 1 night, Saigontourism tourist. Organized with many attractive gifts. Enjoy local seafood Phan Thiet with the specialties are processed in place for you to enjoy sea bathing such as Crabs, Crabs, Shrimp.
- Have Dinner in Phan Thiet.
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- Have breakfast at the 4* Blue Bay Resort Mui Ne.
- Depart for Sand Hill at Mui Ne, where many years have become the subject of many photographers. In addition to sandy beaches and sand dunes, Mui Ne Sand Hill also has many beautiful sights such as Tien Stream, Ong Hoang Floors, Po-Sha-Nam Cham Towers. Along the coastal sandy beaches of Mui Ne are tourist villages, hotels, villas and many sports and recreational facilities.
- On the way to hear about Lau Ong Hoang, the love story of Han Mac Tu and her Dream, Visiting Hong sand hills, sand fly and participate in sand contest organized by tour guide Saigontourism, watching the dunes Golden sand glitter, and listen to the narrative and enjoy Coconut 3. After that, the delegation moved to Hon Rom resort to swim and enjoy fresh seafood at Hon Rom (shrimp, crab, crab). Free sea bathing teams participate in a number of marine games. Hon Rom where the beach is clean and beautiful, the sea is clear blue, the winds of loneliness lie through the cool coconuts, fruit. The golden sand hill, white sand consecutive undulating, rippling and sand dunes deformed every hour ... All created the wild charm of visitors to Hon Rom to enjoy and explore the wonderful beauty of sand. New bamboo lodges grow up on sand dunes in Hon Rom, with new forms of tourism such as sand-shuffling, sea bathing, night-time fire camps, or fishing nets.
- Have Lunch.
- Check out procedures, lunch with coastal specialties (expenses excluded). Visit the mall to buy Phan Thiet specialties: seafood, sun-dried squid, dried fish, fish sauce.
- Car and tour guide of Saigontourism take you back to HCM City. Finish the tour program Phan Thiet 2 days 1 night cheap and full of meaning.
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