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Title: [Audio Clip] A typical flight from Ottawa to Montreal on Air Canada Jazz 8982
Post by: janlam01 on October 25, 2013, 11:22:29 AM
(I decided to post this audio clip on the 'Listener Forum' instead of the 'Aviation Audio Clips' forum because this audio clip I'm posting isn't anything that is specifically out of the ordinary/interesting about the flight)

On the evening of September 21, when listening to the CYOW Ottawa feed, I discovered that Montreal Centre frequency 134.975 was somehow included (in addition to frequency 124.275 that is listed on the web site) as I was hearing which runway pilots could expect to land for Montreal. Normally I do not hear conversations on 134.975 when listening to the CYOW feed.

I decided to browse through the CYUL (Montreal) feeds, and I managed to combine various feeds into one short clip of a typical flight for Air Canada Jazz 8982. From Clearance Delivery in Ottawa to Montreal Apron Control.