Author Topic: Milair and Microvolt ARTCC frequency databases  (Read 3612 times)


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Milair and Microvolt ARTCC frequency databases
« on: September 09, 2007, 08:47:14 AM »
I wish that people aboard the forum would refrain from linking people to the above sites for frequency information to various centers. These databases have been increasingly inaccurate as time goes by. Although I would say their accuracy percentage is around 60 percent and that is a start to any newbie to listen to and figure out however a newbie may not have the time to spend listening and trying to get updated frequencies. Even the AFD'S that are published by  NOAA aren't even close to being 100 percent on the money. There has to be someone on the forum that either knows or knows where to go for updated info. Sure it's easy for a person that has charts in hand depicting airways and navigational aids to decipher which frequencies are where but to the newcomer to the ATC listening hobby it's quite hard to do so. I know post 911 has changed the way things in the aviation industry is handled but come on do we really need to be secretive about everything. People I am sure here are legit and and have no malicious intent in asking for the info they request. If we are skeptical then we should have a background check(or some sort of security questionaire with an e-mail question asked of us if there are doubts). A bit of lost freedom navigating a webboard I can deal with and I am sure most newcomers will also to enjoy their hobby of ATC monitoring. Even a test on knowledge of the system I can deal with administering  to newbies to ensure they know what is being listened to and aksed of. MY 2 Cents!!!!!!!!!   Comment's welcome