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Aviation Audio Clips / Mooney touch and go ends up in grass at CAMARILLO, CA
« Last post by KB4TEZ on March 18, 2024, 01:11:54 PM »
Date:   17-MAR-24
Time:   20:00:00Z
Regis#:   N201RP
Aircraft Make:   MOONEY
Aircraft Model:   M20J
Event Type:   INCIDENT
Highest Injury:   NONE
Aircraft Missing:   No
Damage:   UNKNOWN
This audio recording was captured on Saturday, March 16th, 2024 at Travis Air Force Base, Fairfield, California during the "Wings Over Solano Airshow".

It includes aircraft air-to-air and ground communication from within the "Show Box" on frequency 284.250, as well as air-to-air and air-to-ground communication from the Solos on a separate frequency, 237.800. Both audio tracks have been combined into a single mono track for this recording.

Total Running Time: 00:28:29 (Edited for time)


Listener Forum / Re: Fukuoka Japan
« Last post by nobo on March 16, 2024, 08:46:49 AM »
I asked Amazon to deliver to office address 8-), and got additional dongle without family trouble
Now RJFF Controls updated and started test streaming...

Previous:  1 channel
Facility     Frequency
Kobe Control (N53)     118.900

Current:  6 channels mixed, 1st to 6th panning from left to right,  1st and 6th are busy.
Facility     Frequency
Kobe Control (N53)     118.900     Good
Fukuoka Control (F12)     133.150     Fairly good
Fukuoka Control (F13)     133.600     Sometime when handover
Kobe Control (N54)     133.850     Same the above
Fukuoka Control (F14)     135.300     Same the above
Kobe Control (N52)     135.650     Good

This is the limit of what I can do  :wink:
Aviation News (General) / FedEx Express National Service Disruption
« Last post by KB4TEZ on March 15, 2024, 09:37:16 AM »
I'll say they had a heckuva night.

Friday, March 15, 2024

FedEx Express experienced substantial disruptions at our Memphis hub last night due to severe weather. The storm created hazardous operating conditions, and the safety of our team members remains our number one priority.

Delays are possible for package deliveries across the U.S. with a delivery commitment of Friday, March 15, 2024. Contingency plans are in place, and we are prepared to provide the best possible service as conditions allow.

Residential recipients can enroll in FedEx Delivery Manager to stay informed of their shipment’s progress.

Consistent with the provisions of the FedEx Service Guide, shipments delayed due to inclement weather are not eligible for a refund or credit under the Money-Back Guarantee policy. 

Aviation Audio Clips / Re: United 1816 lost hydraulic system at SFO
« Last post by diskus on March 15, 2024, 08:49:13 AM »
Caused some serious scrambling by Norcal approach when they had to,shutdown 28R to check the surface for fluid, as it is the only landing runway currently. 28L under construction
Aviation Audio Clips / Bird strike causes plane to be towed from MSP tarmac
« Last post by KB4TEZ on March 15, 2024, 05:45:34 AM »

Plane towed off tarmac after sitting for hours
A plane was seen being towed off the tarmac after it landed at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP) early Thursday morning.

A 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS photographer saw the plane being towed around 2 a.m., and multiple firetrucks could be seen following close by. Radar data showed the plane sat for several hours before it was towed.

According to an MSP spokesperson, crews responded to American Airlines flight from Miami after it landed around 12:50 a.m. when pilots reported a bird had struck the plane while approaching.

American Airlines tells 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS the plane landed safely, and customers were able to deplane as normal once it was towed to the gate.  The runway was closed for a couple of hours in order for fluids to be cleaned off the pavement.

An airline spokesperson said the company apologizes for the inconvenience it may have caused for customers’ travel plans.

Listener Forum / Travis AFB Air Show Weekend Frequencies
« Last post by Fryy/Avocadoflight on March 15, 2024, 12:10:23 AM »
Travis is having their Wings Over Solano event this weekend, May MARCH* 16-17.
Blue Angels are the headline this time around. I input a majority of the air show frequencies onto the Travis (KSUU) live feed, hopefully I haven't missed any, but I'll be monitoring it for any needed changes.

Friday, March 15 is usually a fun day of practice to listen in, or watch if you're out there as well!

Aviation Audio Clips / United 1816 lost hydraulic system at SFO
« Last post by Squawk 7700 on March 14, 2024, 01:14:43 PM »
United Flight 1816 an Airbus A320 from DFW to SFO lost the "green side' hydraulics system which runs the nose wheel steering. Differential braking was used to steer the aircraft off the runway and the aircraft was towed to the gate.
The flight crew reported it to be a low tire pressure indication.  Emergency crews checked out the aircraft after landing and found no damage.  The aircraft taxied normally to the gate.
Feed Setup Pictures / Re: Updated ESSL - tower in the woods 2021
« Last post by ludlo on March 14, 2024, 07:09:43 AM »
Yes indeed, I have noticed and we are actively troubleshooting that right now  :-)
The buffering part, maybe not so much in the feeder endpoint, but the clipping is for sure in the reciever.
Hopefully we will come to a resolution in a near future.
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