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A small plane crash-landed on a residential street in Goodyear on Saturday morning after it suffered mechanical problems. No one was injured, according to Goodyear police.

Police said the plane was a Cessna 172 P with two people inside. Police said the plane began to lose oil pressure soon after it departed from Glendale airport and the pilot attempted to make an emergency landing at the Phoenix Goodyear Airport.

Police said the two-person aircraft was directed to land on Via Villa, just south of Interstate 10 between Dysart and Litchfield roads. The engine then lost power and had to land on Via Villa Street in Goodyear, according to police.  Upon landing, the plane struck a tree, mailbox, and vehicle and came to a stop in the middle of the street. The vehicle was unoccupied and received minimal damage, police said.  When officers arrived the plane leaked approximately five gallons of fuel, which was "quickly mitigated" by the fire department, police said.


(Always love the way the aviation community comes together ! )

Spanish Fork • A small airplane made a crash landing Saturday afternoon in Spanish Fork, and both people on board escaped without any major injuries.

Officials with Spanish Fork City said the Piper Saratoga — a single-engine propeller plane — experienced an engine failure while approaching to land at the Spanish Fork Airport.

The pilot reportedly heard the engine sputtering before it failed. Officials said he made a mayday call and tried to land at the airport, but the aircraft didn’t have enough speed or altitude. He landed the plane in an open field, where it skidded across a street, clipped a power line, and came to a stop in the front yard of a house near 500 W. 1000 North.
Listener Forum / Re: ADB-S Exhange FAA Charts
« Last post by Fryy/Avocadoflight on February 12, 2024, 03:42:17 AM »
I haven't had much time to dig deep into this much myself yet, but I found a few threads on their Discord server, from one of the mods/devs:

"The provider of these charts discontinued the service (ChartBundle). It affects everyone (FlightAware etc.). We will monitor the situation."

"We just found out this morning and haven't identified a new tile provider so it will probably be some time before a solution is found."
I was indeed right, it sounds absolutely fried. Not sure what happened to that.
This doesn't help that much, but its a bit more denoised.
The approach/departure feed is very poor in terms of reception, but I've attempted to transcribe it by denoising and enhancing the audio.

(Transcript starts at 00:08:896)

HPJ823: Airport's in sight, Hop-A-Jet 823.

00:12:579 HPJ823: Straight in, cleared Visual 23, Hop-A-Jet 823.

00:16:665 HPJ823: Alright, we'll slow back to final [approach speed], Hop-A-Jet 823.

00:29:832 HPJ823: mile final, 28.5, good day, Hop-A-Jet 823.

00:36:598 N50HF: We got him, We got him, Uh.. Right off our nose, right off before the runway.

00:43:011 N50HF: Uh, off of our heading right now, we're flying [a] heading 20-210, he is just off of our nose.. on about a uh, 230 heading.

00:59:289 N50HF: .. if we head back to Paige (Field), we watched that happen, for zero-Hotel-Fox.

01:06:566 N99PR: O.K, We'll uh.. we'll cancel [to join the ground?] for nine-nine-Papa-Romeo.

01:13:789 N99PR: Yes sir, no problem.

01:17:680 N975AC: Report established in the hold, and expect further clearence as of 20:45, .. 75.

(Remarks: I made a rough guess that it was N975AC since I analyzed the full audio and tried to match the voice with other transmissions. the audio is really distorted and I tried my best here.)

Listener Forum / ADB-S Exhange FAA Charts
« Last post by AeroBill on February 11, 2024, 09:11:06 AM »
Apparently Chart Bundles which supplies the FAA charts for ADB-S exchange has stopped its service. So the FAA Charts are not
loading properly now or at all.
Anybody know if ADB-S Exchange is working on a replacement solution. The charts were great for flight tracking purposes.
I see that FlightRadar24 offers the FAA chart overlays as part of one it's subscription plans, but it does not track all flights, such
as military, or those requesting their aircraft not be tracked, etc. as does ADB-S.
Swimmingplaces translated the austrian dialect perfectly. Some minor corrections which i meant to hear:
00:14 instead of unbelievable: Hey Klausi, ... (common Austrian first name)
00:42 thats nice, (surname i dont figure out) Karl also said, maybe we will hear each other, he is outbound chicago, but I think he will be on his way a little later.
00:45 Hopefully you sleep well on the flight home, bye, Kisses, I´ll get in touch.
Thanks for the transcription. I attached what I could pick up from the APP/DEP feed, but reception is poor.

Also working on separate fire-rescue audio, which sounds very chaotic with multiple calls regarding the plane crash, and calls about a traffic accident. Which led to some confusion about being the same call or not.
Here is a more detailed transcript for those who want it:

HPJ823: Hop-A-Jet 823 is with you on a right downwind for five-mile final, Runway 23.

APF_TWR: Hop-A-Jet 823, Roger, make a right turn back towards the airport, atleast one departure ahead [of you], A challenger jet, Runway 23, cleared to land, wind 220 @ 12 Gusts 16

HPJ823: Alright, Challenger Jet departing, we're turning back towards the airport, and cleared to land Runway 23, Hop-A-Jet 823.

(comms in clip)

APF_TWR: FlexJet 574, Runway 23, turn right heading 270, cleared for takeoff, traffic three-mile final, Challenger jet.

LXJ574: FlexJet 574- (brief stepped over by HPJ823) cleared for takeoff.

HPJ823: Okay, Challenger uh- Hop-A-Jet  823.. lost both engines, emergency. I'm making an emergency landing.

APF_TWR: Whoever's.. got that emergency, cleared to land Runway 23, is that Hop-A-Jet 823?

HPJ823: Uh, we're cleared to land but we're not gonna make the runway, we've lost both engines. (Last transmission.)

(21 seconds later, keyed mic from the Tower, assumably someone saying "He's down!")

N205LE: Tower, SHADOW 5, where they at?

APF_TWR: SHADOW 5, they are two northwest right over I-75, Hop-A-Jet 823 uh..

(17s later)

APF_GND: Everybody standby, there's an Alert 3 in progress, everybody standby.

(20s later)

N205LE: Tower, SHADOW-5, rescue helicopter, request to go to the scene.

APF_TWR: SHADOW-5, proceed direct as requested.

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