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Listener Forum / Re: CYWG feed
« Last post by Airservice1 on June 08, 2024, 02:25:01 PM »
Aviation Audio Clips / Southwest B737 at Denver on Jun 3rd burst tyre on departure
« Last post by KB4TEZ on June 07, 2024, 12:53:31 PM »
(with a few of the freqs down at KDEN, took a bit of time to piece it together)

A Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-700, registration N933WN performing flight WN-225 from Denver,CO to Phoenix,AZ (USA) with 137 people on board, was climbing out of Denver's runway 25 when the crew stopped the climb at 10,000 feet reporting they were now an emergency aircraft and they needed to return to Denver due to the loss of a hydraulic system. The aircraft landed safely back on Denver's runway 34L about 30 minutes after departure.

The airline reported one of the tyres failed on departure, the aircraft has redundant hydraulic systems.

Passengers reported there was a loud noise during takeoff, subsequently they were instructed to brace for landing. The crew told them, a tyre had burst on departure taking one of the hydraulic systems out.
Aviation Audio Clips / JetBlue Flight Bridgetown to Boston Declares Emergency
« Last post by KB4TEZ on June 07, 2024, 10:17:16 AM »

(Now the audio isn't the best, but it's Bridgetown, Barbados !!!  Amazed really.)

A JetBlue flight bound for Boston was forced to make a return to Bridgetown, Barbados after experiencing an engine failure after takeoff on 4 June 2024.  Flight crew immediately terminated the climb and declared an emergency with transponder code 7700.

The flight then negotiated a direct return to the origin airport of Bridgetown (BGI), Barbados.  Flight data shows that flight B61844 bound for Boston Logan International Airport made a delayed departure out of Bridgetown.

The flight shows an actual time of departure of 1838 local time against the scheduled departure time of 1243 local time on 4 June.  The aircraft was only approximately 10 minutes out from its departure when the climb was terminated and flight crew squawked code 7700.

The JetBlue flight then conducted a wide circuit for a direct return to Sir Grantley Adams International Airport.

The aircraft conducting the B61844 rotation to Boston was an Airbus A320-200 aircraft, registered N586JB. This is a 20 year old narrowbody aircraft belonging to the US carrier JetBlue Airways. 
Listener Forum / Re: ZBW using 127.975 Today
« Last post by RonR on June 07, 2024, 09:37:11 AM »
Could be a number of reasons... maybe they activated it as a training sector or maybe they were doing maintenance on the 133.425 site.  ZBW and ZNY have been using spare frequencies a lot lately, in fact, ZNY is simulcasting on 121.125 at this moment but the controller is still working on 133.5
Listener Forum / Re: ZBW using 127.975 Today
« Last post by diskus on June 07, 2024, 09:11:37 AM »
Looks like it offline now. Im curious as to why they put it up? Is it one they use at heavy times?

(Whatever broke, it did so quickly.  Thoughts and prayers with the family.  RIP)

AUBURN, Wash. — A deadly plane crash happened just after noon Thursday in Auburn.

The small plane slammed into a business – all but the plane’s tail going through the roof.

“All of a sudden, the walls shook and there’s a big bang and alarms went off,” said T.J. Stuefen, a witness.  “Couldn’t even open the door – all the debris had pushed up against the door. We tried to open the door because we thought there was a third person here, but luckily he’s gone, and as soon as we did that, there was a big smell of gas, and we figured we better get the hell out of here,” said Stuefen.

The employees safely escaped.

Investigators say the pilot was the only one on board the Van’s RV-12, a type of homebuilt plane.

“They brought him out. They just had him on a stretcher – they weren’t working on him. He unfortunately didn’t make it – sad,” said Stuefen.

There was no fire, but emergency crews worked quickly to take care of fuel leaking from the plane.  Norgren GT Development, which helps make big rig parts, operated out of the building, which Stuefen says was getting cleared out because the business is moving out of the area. That’s why there were only a couple of people inside.

Asked if he felt lucky to safely get out, Stuefen replied, “Oh, absolutely. It was 40 feet from my office and I just had walked through there.”

No word on the pilot’s identity or what led up to the crash.

It’s unclear where he took off from or his destination, but the Auburn Municipal Airport is nearby.

It’s also uncertain when the plane will be removed from the building.

The FAA and NTSB are now investigating.


A Navy helicopter made an emergency landing Wednesday morning in Volusia County.

It happened east of State Road 11 and north of State Road 40, the Volusia County Sheriff's Office said.

Daytona Approach contacted an Embry-Riddle plane Wednesday morning, asking for help in locating a United States Navy helicopter.

"I need a favor from you," asked the man. "We had a Navy helicopter with a transmission issue just landed off-field, off your right side."

The Riddle plane then got eyes on the chopper.  "In a field," he told them. "In a grass field right by where the power line is. "

VCSO said the chopper made a distress call about having transmission issues and was trying to land. Then, they lost contact.   Deputies also helped to locate the chopper. They spotted it, said it appeared to have no damage, and landed to make contact with the crew.

No injuries have been reported.
Listener Forum / ZBW using 127.975 Today
« Last post by RonR on June 05, 2024, 06:55:23 PM »
For those who are interested, ZBW is using 127.975 today instead of 133.425.  A new feed (Bosox Spare) has been set up for this frequency.  You can find it by going here:

Couldn't find the hand off audio from South to North, but he did get the handshake from the KPBI tower, and no comms after that.
radar contact lost, but alive and well.

The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating an emergency landing on a Palm Beach County road Tuesday night.

The FAA says the pilot of a single-engine Rans S-19 Venterra reported engine issues near Loxahatchee around 11:30 p.m.  The plane made the precautionary landing on State Road 80, west of Lion Country Safari and the Arden community.

Palm Beach County Fire Rescue was dispatched the road, also referred to as U.S. Highway 441,, around the time the pilot reported the issues.

The plane landed on the westbound lanes but moved safely to the righthand shoulder, according to fire officials.

Aviation Audio Clips / Small plane goes off runway at GSO
« Last post by KB4TEZ on June 05, 2024, 05:58:13 AM »

PUBLISHED 3:30 PM ET MAY 30, 2024
GREENSBORO, N.C — A small plane went off the runway Thursday afternoon at Piedmont Triad International Airport, prompting authorities to close the runway.

Kevin Baker, executive director of PTI, said there were no injuries after the small plane landed on runway 5, left and went off into the grass.

PTI says operations remain normal, and no other flights have been affected.

The plane took off from PTI about 1:39 p.m. and headed toward Virginia before returning to PTI, according to the tracking site
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