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Listener Forum / Re: KJFK to EGLL en route ATC frequencies
« Last post by stevebarker12 on June 02, 2023, 04:34:57 AM »
Thankyou very much.Very helpful.
Aviation Accidents/Incidents / Small Plane Down at Prado Dam
« Last post by N6RFB on June 01, 2023, 08:15:16 PM »
A small plane with one pilot and two passengers has crashed near Prado Dam in the Corona, CA area. Corona FD is reporting no injuries and no fire. This may be on my KONT feed but I haven't had time to check the archives yet.

Rich, N6RFB
KONT Feeder
Listener Forum / Re: KJFK to EGLL en route ATC frequencies
« Last post by Bob2 on June 01, 2023, 06:10:13 PM »
Likely Boston sectors to the northeast (e.g. MERIT HFD PUT) are ZBW19/134.0 and ZBW46/multiple.  If the initial route is toward the east (e.g. BETTE ACK or HAPIE YAHOO), ZBW32/135.8, ZBW31/124.52, ZBW18/128.75.  All of these are monitored.

There are some very good maps of high altitude frequencies on this message board.  The northeast U.S. is at:
Listener Forum / Re: KJFK to EGLL en route ATC frequencies
« Last post by stevebarker12 on June 01, 2023, 12:23:16 PM »
Wonderful.Thankyou very much for your assistance.
Kind regards
Listener Forum / Re: KJFK to EGLL en route ATC frequencies
« Last post by guscarus767 on June 01, 2023, 11:55:14 AM »
So as far as I know, a flight from JFK to LHR would go from JFK Ground on either 121.9 or 121.65 (both on the JFK Ground feed), then the flight would switch to Kennedy tower (119.1 most of the time). Departure frequency is usually 135.9 (NY Departure JFK feed), but I've noticed that at night they combine departure with approach on 125.7 (ROBER sector). After this the flight is most likely handed off to Boston center...don't remember the frequency off the top of my head. As for EGLL, it is currently illegal to broadcast ATC feeds in the UK, so you won't be able to listen to any ATC from EGLL or from the rest of the UK, unfortunately.
try the EWR final or North Arrival frequencies...hopefully one of them will work.
Aviation News (General) / Coyote spotted at North Perry Airport
« Last post by KB4TEZ on May 31, 2023, 03:03:33 PM »
Only in Florida

PEMBROKE PINES, FLA. (WSVN) - A coyote stopped air traffic after it was spotted at North Perry Airport.

On Wednesday morning, a letter was distributed by wildlife and airport officials noting coyotes were in the area and to be aware of them on the tarmac.

One coyote was captured on live video footage running across the landing area of the airport in Pembroke Pines.

Sources said the airport is flooded with rabbits and rats which is likely the reason these predators have been wandering around these past few weeks.
Officials said they hope the coyote will leave on its own if not they will hire trappers to capture the coyote.

I love his matter of fact approach (pun intended)

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Listener Forum / Approach Frequency when arriving to KTEB from the North West
« Last post by Pilotipro on May 31, 2023, 09:21:55 AM »
Dear Colleagues,

I am not very familiar with NY area and the other day we had a Tcas issue arriving to KTEB I dont remember the Frequency we had at that moment we were 3000feet from COATE to KTEB.

any ideas? I am trying to find if there is any ATC recording on LiveATC for that frequency.

Best regards.
Aviation Audio Clips / Small plane crashes at North Bay airport, minor injuries
« Last post by KB4TEZ on May 31, 2023, 09:07:21 AM »

A small plane crashed at North Bay airport Monday and minor injuries are being reported.

Emergency crews were called to the Jack Garland Airport just before 2:30 p.m.
"A privately-registered Zenair ZENITH 200 crashed upon arrival at the North Bay Airport, Ont., due to landing short of Runway 36," Chris Krepski, a spokesperson for the Transportation Safety Board of Canada, told CTV News in an email.The aircraft’s front landing gear was damaged."

North Bay police spokesperson David Woolley told CTV News one of the two people on board the plane at the time sustained non-life-threatening injuries in the crash.

"The (TSB) is gathering information but will not deploy to the occurrence site," Krepski said.

CTV News reached out to the airport manager who declined to comment.
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