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ZAU Chicago Center / 3CK /BUU


oOps! posted it in the wrong section! I hope this is the right place :)

Here's the setup for ZAU / 3CK /KBUU

It's an ongoing project, but here's the first iteration :)

Two Uniden 355b/n
Two Pi 3
Two sound devices
Linear low noise / filtered power supply
Low noise network switch
Shielded / bonded network cables
RG8x for ZAU
LMR400 for 3CK / BUU
All grounds bonded via 1" flat braid straight to 4 bonded rods outside (also bonded to service ground rod)

Two Centerfire VHF Air band antennas (to be replaced soon)

...and because I like my roof, masts, mast supports and antenna bases are grounded to 4 8' roods, spaced 8' apart in a loop and bonded to electrical service grounding rod. (including additional conductor inside of the mast to the base of the antenna)

well I guess photobucket is not so great for image hosting... flickr it is then!

Squawk 7700:
We use the same sound cards.  :-D

This review is the best.


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