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Title: YBBN Brisbane AU - new feed
Post by: SteveJWR on July 19, 2010, 05:35:08 AM
YBBN : feed covers Brisbane controlled airspace. From clearance & tower to departures & centre. Here is a couple of pics of the simple setup providing the stream.

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From the 3.5m dipole on the roof signal is fed to the ICOMA6 tranceiver that is set in scan mode. Then the signal is sent through a compressor/limiter to keep the different signal strengths and levels about the same, then the signal is equalised to optomise the 11kHz stream. From there is is sent across to a spare PC.
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The PC is a spare on the network runing WinXP. Always up with an ADSL2 connection. Signal is fed to the PC running the OddATC client that feeds audio to LiveATC at 11kHz using a MP3 compression consuming only 16bps.

Not a lot to it and it seems to function efficently ...


Title: Re: YBBN Brisbane AU - new feed
Post by: SteveJWR on February 06, 2014, 02:06:49 AM
Hey. The Brisbane [YBBN] Ground and Tower feed is now back up.  :-D

For continuity I have dropped Departures & Centre as they are catered for on the other YBBN feed.

Same set up as I used previously (read below) with the only exception being a computer upgrade. This feed should be up 24/7  ... Strong signal from aircraft parked at the terminal. You can hear the carrier from the Tugs with a weak signal usually readable. This should be clarified shortly as I am installing a hi gain vhf aerial.

So now you can listen in as the clearance is given to the pilot, then push back request, taxi and follow the aircraft as it calls ready at the 01 or 19 holding point and after
Tower gives the Cleared for Take Off - they are away.

A great feed for those plane spotters at the viewing area up at the 19 threshold near the GA apron - [Where the old Gate One was]. Some useful spotter info from the BAC here -

Air Services Australia have the aerodrome charts available here - So you can follow the aircraft on the chart as well as see and hear them taxi.

It is a privilege to be able to provide this feed to you. What happens up the pointy end of planes has been a mystery for ages.

Now you can hear how hard the Brisbane ATC (Air Traffic Controllers) work, meeting the demands of the airlines they service, shuffling each aircraft to and from their bays, getting them in and out again.  Brisbane International Airport is rapidly becoming the busiest in Australia. Read all about the new Brisbane Airport upgrades here -

Remember to credit when you reference the feed.

Please, Enjoy.


Title: Re: YBBN Brisbane AU - new feed
Post by: Paul F on November 09, 2014, 10:31:29 PM
Hi Steve (and others),

I'm aware this is my first post, and it's one to an old thread but I think it's important to acknowledge your good work here.

I regularly listen to this feed when I can't receive the tower directly (i.e. at my QTH) and I'm always impressed with the quality. Thank you for continuing to provide this valued service.
Title: Re: YBBN Brisbane AU - new feed
Post by: squibcakes on May 13, 2015, 07:44:56 PM
Hi Guys,

I've removed the ground frequency from my scanner feed (Steve's has better reception).

Also, you may have notice there is an occasional lock onto the ATIS signal.  This is because the ATIS frequency 125.5Mhz is very close to tower freq 125.6Mhz and my receiver is locking onto it.

If anyone has some ideas to prevent this let me know. Scanner lock out does not work.  At this stage my only option is to manually reboot the scanner when this happens or set up a cron job to reboot every xx hrs.

Happy listening.
Title: Re:
Post by: geodementia on May 14, 2015, 07:37:42 AM
How strong is the signal on 125.6? You might be able to attenuate that freq....  I have a similar issue here in YBAS where I am a stones throw from the TX site at West Gap and ATIS on 123.0 bleeds through on TWR 118.3 and ML 119.8 and 128.85. I run all channels here with the attenuator on to get around it...