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YBAF - New Feeder


Howdy - Have just finished mounting and setting up the new feed for YBAF.
Thought id include the pics for those interested

One of the local flight-schools that i trained at agreed to host it, and let me mount the Antenna's on top of their building.

Antenna: MobileOne - CBD124
SDR: 2xNooelec RTL-SDR v5 SDR for picking up 118.1,119.9,123.6 and maybe Area Freq 125.7 at some point
Running on a Raspbery Pi 4 B.
Generic IP65 box from Ebay.

I happened to have already in the cupboard 10m of LCU400 cable so have used that.

I'm using a split cable for the SMA feed - probably not the best way of doing it - but currently I seem to be able to pick up most of the inbound traffic for the zone.

*just waiting for it to be published now :D *

Great and simply setup!

Are you using the same antenna for the ASDB?


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