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Updated ESSL - tower in the woods 2021

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Here is some feed setup pictures from the ESSL feed. The tower is located a bit south of Linköping. Antenna is located about 45m up the tower. Cable used is LMR900. Computer runs 4 Nooelec RTL-SDR dongles and a i7 debian box.

Antenna in the tower

Preparing LMR900

Computer interior and exterior

I have been listening to the ESSL feed on and off before and lately basically every day. Always imagined that it was an antenna on someones house roof or something. Very cool setup. Thanks a lot! Is this still the current setup or has it changed?

Glad you like it! I have done some changes since the first setup, now 2 airspy hf+ is used as receivers. Also a RPI 5 is used instead of the computer. The same location is used for both ESSL and ESSP feeds. They are practically the same, just the TWR freq is different.

I actively manage and maintain the feed. I visited the location last weekend to add a UPS for better uptime.

I have to say, I am very surprised by getting an answer to a several year old post that quickly, pleasantly surprised! I am now in the process of preparing my own outdoor ADS-B antenna setup at home. It is not so fancy, its only on my balcony :D I live locally in Linköping so if you ever need any help with the setup give me a shout. I don't have much experience with radio and wont climb up the tower, but keep it in mind anyways. Just send a message if you want any contact details.

How does the tower setup work? I assume someone owns it and has given you access? Seems like a fantastic location based on the images and it obviously works great based on the distance to the aircraft I can listen to.

Thanks a lot, will keep in mind!  :-)

I rent space in the tower from the tower owner, its just a bit south of Linköping. Indeed it works very well at this point, however as the environment changes, changes also need to be done to the config files of RTL Airband. Mainly the squelch levels needs continous trimming to keep the squelch from opening on random noise. Increasing the squelch level will decrease the range and vice versa. When KLM to Linköping can be heard about to enter Swedish airspace, transmitting near Copenhagen, then I know the level is about right.  :-D

The RTLSDR sticks that was first used, did not work nearly as well as the airspy hf+. The weak and strong signal handling of the hf+ is amazing. Also the preamp is switched to


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