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Updated ESSL - tower in the woods 2021

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Nice! Yeah I like to listen to KLM coming in, when they just enter Sweden its a bit scratcy but certainly possible to listen to. Also quite a bit up toward the Stockholm area. I have not been able to find any maps regarding how the ATC zones etc look like here in Sweden. But some Sweden control is crystal clear while there is some that are either barely audible, just noise or you only hear the aircrafts side of the conversation and never the controller. I am assuming that different zones of "Sweden control" transmits from different locations and that is why?

Are you using the RTLSDR-Airband project directly or using the docker project? I hang out in the SDR Enthusiasts discord server and have seen some discussions regarding Airband, seems a bit tricky to setup. I myself only listen for ADS-B which is much easier to setup, especially now with all the well-made docker containers.

Anyways, thanks for the work. And have a good weekend.

Here is some maps

Transmitters of sweden ctrl is remotely controlled, mostly from Arlanda. The transmitter used....cant find any more logic than the one near the region of the aircraft is selected by the controller.
On weekends and holidays, more sectors are combined into fewer frequencies which if we are lucky can produce more talk on the radio.

I dont use the docker project, i build it and run it "as is". Have a good weekend  :-)

I have been having some stream issues the last few days. I noticed that transmissions was sometimes cut off in the middle or skipping or missing beginning of transmissions. When I listend via my phone I seem to be disconnected more often than before and while listening on VLC on my computer it looks like it "buffers" or something similar when it happens. There is a orange/yellow loading bar for a second when it happens, then it continues. It does look like some kind of connectivity/stability issue, but its hard to be sure. I assume that since the stream is delivered to me via LiveATC it would indicate a problem on their end and not on your setup? I'm listening to the ESSL stream. If you listen for a few minutes with radio activity you will quickly notice it.

Yes indeed, I have noticed and we are actively troubleshooting that right now  :-)
The buffering part, maybe not so much in the feeder endpoint, but the clipping is for sure in the reciever.
Hopefully we will come to a resolution in a near future.


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