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Got this from InnovAntennas in Great Britain...yes they ship to the USA via FedEx. Had it in 2 days and it was cheaper then having it made and shipped in the USA.
It's model 108-137 MHz OP-DES Center mount airband yagi. They also have a rear mount if your mast is metal (mine is a type of fiberglass). It pretty much reads 50 ohms
with a SWR of 1.5 or less across the entire band. Right now F P & L (our electric company) is working on the power poll in front of the antenna and it's messing up the reception.
OK--Here are some pictures.



Hey Kel,

I'm looking for this antenna on their site and can't seem to find it.  Did you have to special order it from them?


Hi Ron,
To make a long story short, yes is going to be the answer. At one time it was available in the USA, maybe it is again? It stood up to Hurricane Irma and recently my fiberglass
telescopic mast broke and it came crashing down to the ground, not a scratch on it. Yeah I know, that mast is not designed for that kind of antenna   :-D
P.S. I fixed it all yesterday.


Kel, what analyzer are you using? (the one with LCD)?

The brand is Comet  Model: CAA-500 Mark II   1.8 to 500 MHz 


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