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Title: Synology Server and LiveATC
Post by: ginnser on September 26, 2017, 01:13:49 AM
Hello guys

I have a Synology DX3617 server, is there anyway I can run a feed from this ?

Title: Re: Synology Server and LiveATC
Post by: dave on September 26, 2017, 07:58:23 AM
We are discussing via email...but others may be interested in my response in case there's someone else thinking about Synology as a streaming platform:

...I believe the Synology box runs Linux so if you can get a shell and you have a compiler on the box (possibly even if not) then you may be able to get darkice to run there. darkice is the package we use on Linux to stream from a USB sound device. This also assumes that the Synology box has USB sound drivers compiled into its kernel. It would be an unusual platform to support USB sound but they may have left those drivers in there. So it may require some hacking but it is theoretically possible! This also assumes you will be using an analog radio scanner to receive transmissions.

The Raspberry Pi is a *much* better platform for streaming. With the Pi we can use either a USB sound device (with an analog scanner receiver) RTL SDR radio dongles (multiple ones) to cover a broader range of frequencies/channels.