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Now see the aircraft on Australian Satellite ATC feed.
« on: September 07, 2006, 07:44:59 AM »
The Australian Satellite ATC Feed (you will find it under the international feed selection) is now back up with the frequency relayed being a Melbourne Centre sector covering both high and low airways to the west of Sydney. International and domestic flights from Sydney to Adelaide, Perth, Asia etc. will be heard. The frequency is very busy in the afternoon with flights that have departed Sydney on their way to Asian ports, and in the early morning with flights arriving in Sydney from Asia. Sydney is in the UTC +10 time zone.

This frequency covers many aircraft that are handed off the Sydney Departures feed at liveATC.

So for example if you are listening to Sydney departures and you hear a call like "Qantas 1 contact Melbourne Centre 133.5". Then switch to the Satellite ATC feed and you can continue listening to the flight.

Many aircraft on the Satellite ATC feed can also be "eyeballed" over at both and The shot below was taken in Google Earth using Virgin 489 @ FL360 (Sydney - Perth) passing below Jetstar 88 @ FL380 (Hobart - Brisbane) just to the west of Oberon. The Virgin has just just left airway A576 after been given a direct track from its present position to Griffith. At the time I took the screenshot both aircraft were being monitored  on the Satellite ATC feed.

You can find more info about the Australian Satellite ATC Feed at

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