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Hi all,

I am posting some pictures of my setup here in SBFI.

Cheers all,


Hi there ...great pics of a good set up...I was interested to see the antenna pic which is not vertical as I use ( see eidw pics) you are horoz. Does anyone know does this make a difference to better reception?  M50

It does make a difference.  All airband communications use vertically-polarized antennas.  The cross-polarization difference (loss) can be from a few dB up to 20dB, depending on how the received wave rotates through free space and when it encounters obstacles.  

The rule of thumb with antennas is to always match polarizations at each end.  One exception to this is satellite communications where circular polarization is often used.


Nice classic scanner, nice condition too. Interesting to see how the Realistic/Radioshack handheld lineage has retained the same basic keypad layout even to this day, it works great.

Yes, the audio is outstanding!


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