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I am using the HP antenna. It IS my TV antenna, I know  :oops:  My antenna mast is too short to add my groundplane antenna. I am considering adding a second mast at home, at a higher spot. I hope that on the following days weather and my wallet will allow me to do that.



SBFI, if you do take it down, drill some extra holes in the mast, and mount the antenna for vertical instead of horizontal polarization. Your feed sounds great as it, but I bet some of the weaker transmissions I heard will come booming in.
Good job on the set up

Thanks for the advices guys. I am convinced that I have to change my antenna. I won't remove the TV antenna from where it is - it will be much easier (and better, because the it will be at least 8 ft taller) to add a second mast.

Cheers all,


SBFI when is your feed going to be up again?

saludos desde Asuncion


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