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Title: RI Area Misc/USCG Feed
Post by: AA1PL on September 22, 2014, 12:33:20 PM
Here's a pic of my radio setup at my home in Hopkinton, RI.   I'm streaming  two feeds from here.  
1. The Uniden Bearcat 895XLT is the source for the RI Area Misc/USCG feed on  
2. The Uniden Bearcat 780XLT is the source for the Southern RI and SE CT Fire & EMS  feed on
There are also three HF radios,  two VHF/UHF amateur radios, and one additional Pro-61 scanner.
Title: Re: RI Area Misc/USCG Feed
Post by: Fryy on September 23, 2014, 03:00:47 AM
Awesome setup! Thanks for the feed. What's your antenna setup like?
Title: Re: RI Area Misc/USCG Feed
Post by: AA1PL on September 23, 2014, 01:10:48 PM
Thanks for the compliment.  I just added a photo of my antenna set-up to the original post.  I have several antennas to choose from with a RF patch panel in the radio room.  Both scanner feeds are  connected into a Stridesburg splitter/amplifer, and are usually connected to the dual band VHF/UHF Arrow J-pole antenna mounted at the top of the 40 foot antenna mast on the rear of the house.  Other antennas I could use  include a commercial grade wide-band dual dipole array, a commercial grade wide-band single dipole, a multi-band scanner antenna in the attic.  There are also three HF antennas.   All of the antennas terminate into commercial grade surge protectors which are mounted to a ground bar in the basement radio room.  A ground rod is driven right through the basement floor into the soil beneath, so it requires a very short ground cable.  The 40 foot antenna mast also has its own ground rod.  And then those two ground rods are also bonded to my electric service ground.  Its pretty well protected.  All radio and computer equipment runs off either a 1200 VA UPS or a 12 volt 50 amp Astron power supply with 100 Amp-hour battery backup.  Internet service is via Verizon Fios (50 Mbps fiber optic cable feed) with battery backup on the fiber to cable converter also.   I also have an emergency generator for long-term power outages.  My only problem is that I'm not close enough to any of the six airports I cover to hear the ground stations.