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Ready for a code? i think


Hey all, my local feed went down 30 days ago so I've opted to build one and get it running as i know people local liked to listen to it.. I ended up with a Raspberry Pi4 4GB and used the Nooelec NESDR Smart v4 SDR and a tuned antenna, I've set the Pi up as far as I can go using the provided Image from the LiveATC email I got and then at the bottom it says "LiveATC will then send you a valid config file and further instructions to complete the installation."
is this a generic config file that i can just copy from anyone.. i was rushing to get this built as I'm doing my First Solo flight tomorrow and wanted to have the audio from it.. any help would be great!

yes I've sent 2 emails advising the install was complete and nothing back as of yet..

Please check your spam folder - responded to you twice. :-)

Dave, i just got it thank you very much!

I know Dave is busy, just wanted to know if anyone here would help me figure out the CronJob part.. hopefully i can get help here without bothering Dave! UPDATE: i managed to get it working !


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