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New Feed Setup LSZB (Bern Airport, Switzerland)


Hello all

After running a very simple indoor setup consisting of an RTL-stick and a Raspberry Pi for a couple of years, I invested quite a lot of time and money into a new setup for LSZB Bern Airport, Switzerland during the last weeks.

You can find the 4 single channels, one simulated scanner channel and one mixed stereo channel here:

The following setup is used in a metal case placed outdoor:

* 1 x Slim-Jim Antenna (Broadsword Antenna, UK)
* 1 x LNA with integrated airband filter (GPIO Labs, Canada)
* 1 x simple Antenna splitter
* 2 x SDRPlay RSP1A (each with 3 MSPS and 14 bit sample depth)
* 1 x Raspberry Pi 4
* all in an outdoor metal case
* Temperature and humidity logger to monitor conditions
Logged-in Users can find an attached image of the case.

Everything is installed in a sealed metal case. The Raspberry Pi is in an aluminum case, which I connected to the outer metal case using blue thermal pads. The heat is dissipated very well. The CPU temperature rarely exceeds 45 degrees.

The green thing in the picture is the temperature/humidity logger. I use it to monitor the climate inside the case from the outside without having to unscrew it: Is the temperature staying in a healthy range? Is the humidity not too high?

Of course I use RTLSDR-Airband for streaming here to So that I can continue to offer a simulated scanner channel from the individual channels, I have programmed a self-made"scanning mixer" to the software. Works well so far. :-)

Questions about the feeds or the setup I'm happy to answer.

Many thanks to Dave for the great support and running


More information about the feeds can be found online here:

nice setup bro. Lovely to see. I recently had some problems with my antenna but i'm back again.

Did you find the metal casing online. hard to find here in the netherlands



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