Author Topic: Miami feeds-equipment add on  (Read 11093 times)

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Miami feeds-equipment add on
« on: September 20, 2010, 07:11:11 PM »
I built this on Saturday Sept. 18 in the morning and installed it that evening. It is a Coaxial Lightning / EMP Suppressor and grounding assembly from I.C.E. There is room in the box for future additions. I was hoping that the static noise I sometimes hear would go away, so far I don't think it helped my problem much. Will have to see how the feeds sound with a thunder storm in the area. I also put up a picture that shows the current receiving antenna  ( Arrow Corner Reflector on the left) and a home made 10' Yagi cut for 131.00 MHz on the right. That Yagi works very well however I'm currently not using it.

P.S. Thanks again Tonsoffun for the design and inspiration.

KEL  :-D   

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Re: Miami feeds-equipment add on
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