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here are the pics of my current small setup for FXE/FLL and area, it should be available on in no time
note that the interior antennas are only temporary until I receive my exterior antennas
Enjoy  :)  :thumbup:

Very nice setup.  Your dedication is commendable.  I'll definietly listen to your site once it's up...too bad it wasn't up a month ago when that Navajo ditched in the Atlantic.  That would have been interesting to hear especially since everyone survived. :D

Fred, I noticed you own an ICOM IC-A22 just like me. It's a terrific radio, has a great sensitivity and outstanding audio. I just don't use it on my feed due to the thump it generates after the squelch activates and because I use it as a backup NAV/COMM when flying.



PHL Approach:
I'll second Jim, thanks for your dedication. I cant wait to listen to FLL kick out that line up of 15 departures with 20+ Arrivals coming in on 9L :-D. I knew when I talked to you that you would be one of those few people out there that do come through. Thanks.

Jim, we'll hear that happen often. Happens SO much down there. I can't wait to hear my friend workin at FXE Tower.

thanks guys, now all I need is the software to get all this online.
I should be receiving and installing my new exterior antenna sometime next week, I hope it will get much better reception than the one I am currently using  :D


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