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This is a VHF antenna which our feed is received through.  It's located on the airport about 3/4 mile from the tower.  I'm told it would be great for transmitting, but we use it to receive only.  It measures about 5 feet tall and is approx 4 inches in diameter.

The scanner is old but reliable.  And I had to use speaker wire with 1/8" miniplugs to span the 75 feet between the scanner and computer.  It was either that or 75 feet of BNC cord.  This was cheaper.

What type of VHF antenna is that?  Looks very interesting....  Looks fairly secure.


I'm not sure exactly.  We've been told they're frequently used by the military.  It's range it very good, we can receicve PIT which is located 21 miles SE of us and although the quality is not great, we can hear the controllers.  It's one of three mounted to that wall, and yes, they're quite secure.

That is a high-gain VHF antenna with a weather shield at the connection point.  I have used shield like that on my antennas for years because they reduce corrosion tremendously, so you dont get a rusted shield or conductor in the coax.



thanks for the info.


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