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KABY and ZJX Sector 12/13 Setup with photos - 300' AGL antenna elevation


LiveATC/ADSB feeder site

Antenna elevation ≈ 300' AGL, 750' MSL

The LiveATC pi is powered by a POE splitter

The ADSB feeder pi is powered with a POE+ HAT

A huge thank you to Dave for suppling the LiveATC feeder equipment.

Photos Attached
Panorama of the view at the top
Inside the enclosure
VHF and ADSB antennae

Please pardon the clutter inside the enclosure - started to run out of room.  :|

small note - the case in the corner of the enclosure is just a shell for a pi that Dave provided. I didn't want to lose it incase he wants it back in the future.

And a huge thanks to you for doing the climb!


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