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How to publish feed once you have a test setup running & streaming successfully?


So, I've had KLGD's CTAF and Guard streaming successfully for a while now with a test setup. (Anyone can listen to it at or

What do I need to do to get this published? I tried replying to the setup email a week or two ago and tried filling out the contact us form. Haven't seen anything yet. I did try to search my email for anything in hopes I would find anything that went to spam.

Maybe a post here will work?

Your email had gone into spam. We will publish your feed shortly.

Thank you! I even saw our little airport listed on the main page! Having fun telling the other pilots at the airport, "You know LiveATC has our airport now so you can listen to what's going on out here at the airport from home". Between LiveATC and ADSBexchange I'm having lots of fun.


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