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DFW East Towers Setup

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Yes 146 is it, but the impedance should be tuned for 50 ohms. If that gets outta wack you start to get a loss at the antenna/coax connection, long before the signal thinks about getting to the receiver. I had to go to my local radioshack and get a CB antenna and cut it to the correct length for 126.55. I had to cut the whip to 4' 7 1/2" which is a 5/8 wave antenna :D, and now i can hear the tower clearer than i have ever heard it before from my house.

Here is a shot of the temporary antenna i had to come up with. It is a magnet mount base with a 4' 7.5" whip mounted on a pizza pan. The pizza pan acts as a ground plane, just like if it was used on a car. If you ever needed to use a mag mount antenna, thats a little secret for you, Stick it to a pizza pan atleast 12" round.

A very creative, working antenna.  Great job!!!

ScreenShot of the Laptop running StreamTranscoder and Goldwave to record the feed non-stop. I wait for emergency traffic, which usually happends atleast once a day, so i can get a realtime recording using Goldwave then i can modify the clip and then save it as an mp3 file to sumbit to this site. I set it to record on VOX so there's really no dead airtime on the playback.

Nice setup of programs there, Chris.  Looks like you have your own operation going there :-P


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