Author Topic: CYQG Windsor Ontario Feed SETUP  (Read 17677 times)

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CYQG Windsor Ontario Feed SETUP
« on: November 20, 2021, 11:54:51 AM »
So this is all new to me, and thanks Dave for the help.. This setup is a Raspberry Pi4 with a single Nooelec NESDR Smart v4 SDR and about 30ft of RG58 i created the antenna "Flower-Pot" as a DIY version and what better place to put it was in a flowerpot LOL this was a testing setup yesterday about 20klmn from the Airport, there was a bit of Static so I've moved the antenna approx 5klm from the Airport now and sound much better. BUT the antenna is sitting inside the house. ill be making a new antenna with a longer line to mount outside in the near future. but had a few questions with regards to setup... If i want to capture 2 freq's do i need 2 SDR's or could it run all on the same one.. right now I've split the DIY antenna tunning to the middle of the 2 freq i have in my config file, just a little confusing as I'm not a radio guy and not much on youtube for configuring for LiveATC builds unless I'm just searching for them the wrong way. never the less i want to make this as solid as i can get it. anyway, thanks for viewing.

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Re: CYQG Windsor Ontario Feed SETUP
« Reply #1 on: November 20, 2021, 12:10:44 PM »
Antennas work best outdoors. But you do what you can do.

For multiple frequencies, how many SDRs depends on what the particular frequencies are and how you want them arranged.

A single SDR can be run in one of two modes: scan air multichannel. Scan works like a radio scanner and can scan for activity between multiple frequencies. The disadvantage is that while it stops on an active frequency, simultaneous transmissions on the other frequencies are blocked. Multichannel mode allows for multiple monitored frequencies (channels) but only within a 2.4 MHz “window”. So how many SDRs you need depends on what the frequencies actually are.

With multiple SDRs you also have to consider the fact that splitting the output of your antenna will cause signal loss. If that is an operational issue then you may have to consider the use of an amplified splitter to mitigate the loss. Several options are available at various price points but obviously things get more complicated and more expensive.