Author Topic: Creve Coeur Airport (k1H0) now on! Need some more help.  (Read 10869 times)

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So Dave has been very helpful and I've got the live feed up for our airport's Unicom ( 122.8 ) but now I need to figure out how to let our website visitors know that they can listen "on line".  I've got a YouTube Link and a Facebook link on the Home page so where do I find a image I can use to link to the feed? Should I contact Dave directly?

The Webcams update every two minutes but the viewer must refresh their browser to see the next images. I'm wondering about a live stream instead. Any thoughts?

I hope to have two more cameras running in the next week or so.

Here is our "poor man's AWOS". This info updates every five minutes but again, you must refresh your browser to see the new data.

This entire setup is a "home brew" including the website but I am starting to see more traffic as we put in more features. The antenna I'm using is an old one from my hangar junk pile. I think it came off an old Queen Air so I need some help building a J Pole antenna. Any thoughts, comments, or suggestions would be much appreciated!

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Re: Creve Coeur Airport (k1H0) now on! Need some more help.
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I will contact you offline