Author Topic: VHHH2 (Hong Kong) Feed modification (Eff 6 APR 2011)  (Read 7318 times)

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VHHH2 (Hong Kong) Feed modification (Eff 6 APR 2011)
« on: April 07, 2011, 09:52:12 PM »

I've modified the frequencies that my scanner is scanning, I took away all the en route radar frequencies, DEP/APP frequencies (which you can listen to VHHH1). Now, it is left with Terminal Radar, Tower South, Zone Control.

Terminal Radar (126.30,127.55,123.95): They are combined most of the time. It covers traffic on SIERA (initial check in from China), IDOSI, SIKOU and STAR that go through MANGO (NOMAN, SABNO, DUMOL) (FL260 - ~FL130) arrival stream. PECAN departure stream (FL160-FL250). Also approach into RWY 34 or Departure off 16 in Macau (VMMC).

What I like about this radar position is that I can listen to arrivals that come in to HK via point SIERA (i.e. traffic from Mainland China, except coastal cities, and Europe.) Also, can listen to arrivals into Macau airport, which RWY 34 is used most of the time).

Tower South (118.400) Scanner can pick it up around 2300LT-0800LT (1500Z-0000Z) Tower for South runway (07R/25L)

Zone Control (120.60): All VFR traffics, including helicopters and small prop. in HK TMA.

Let me know if you all want any particular frequencies or information, I'll try my best to work it out.

Hope you all enjoyed. Well, the frequency wont be that busy now. Haha


p.s. Detailed information regarding HKG FIR and the frequencies, visit
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