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This forum group is for feed providers to post extended outages


This forum group is for feed providers (only) to report extended outages.

There is no need for listeners to post about outages. Here's why:

Active feeds can go down for reasons beyond our control. Feeds that previously existed may go away entirely, again for reasons beyond our control. No feed is guaranteed to be up 24/7/365. LiveATC is not a paid subscription network and *all* channels are provided on a "best effort" basis.

We monitor all active feeds with our internal monitoring system - feed providers get notified when a channel is down. Likewise, when the feeds are running on LiveATC-deployed field equipment, we get notified and try to take action as quickly as possible. Some problems resolve themselves - like internet outages. Sometimes feed providers (or LiveATC) needs to manually intervene to fix problems. Some problems take longer to fix than others. Some receiver sites are in areas with poor internet and/or power reliability, or limited physical access.


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