Author Topic: Hardware Upgrade - HF, Liberty East and ATIS feeds  (Read 3379 times)

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Hardware Upgrade - HF, Liberty East and ATIS feeds
« on: September 05, 2013, 05:09:21 PM »
Lately my old Linux box has been forgetting which card is which and hanging up the streams, so I'll be scrapping the multiple sound cards and replacing them with a Delta 1010 sometime in the next couple days. With ten available inputs instead of three I'll be able to add a few more feeds, like networked San Francisco ARINC on 129.4 and HF 6640 & 8933, some VOLMET broadcasts on 6604 and others, as well as some military HF.

I don't know long long I will be down, probably an hour or so, but if significantly longer you'll know I screwed the pooch.

Feed Purveyor:
(KJFK) NY DEP Liberty East
HF CAR-A  3455/5550/6577/8846/11396
HF ARINC LDOC  6640/8933

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