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New HF Feeds
« on: September 20, 2013, 12:23:28 AM »
Well, the weather is getting colder and it's time to turn the heat back on in the shack, so I have switched the 6577/5550 feed back over to the rack full of "real" radios, all 100 tubes worth, and re-tasked the three "sand state" DX-400 radios to two new feeds:

HF ARINC LDOC (Long Distance Operations Control) 6640/8933 is used primarily for phone patches, Selcal checks and weather briefings. The majority of the phone patches deal with MedLink calls about ailing passengers, discussions with company dispatchers about weather, fuel and alternates, and conversations with maintenance about mechanical issues from stuck toilets to dead engines. The two radios on this feed operate in diversity mode, thus both frequencies are received simultaneously 24/7, though activity is generally infrequent, random and unscheduled. Also, some transmissions may be at very distant locations and/or times not best for reception at my location, so patience is required, however in my many years of SWL'ing some of the most interesting QSO's I have ever intercepted have been on these channels. I may also be mixing VHF Oceanic and/or SFO ARINC into this feed from time to time just to make sure you're awake. Best to be doing something useful while this feed is playing in the background, else you may not accomplish much in life.

HF NY VOLMET 6640 is "Volume Meteorological" aviation weather, transmitted alternately between New York and Gander and but for a few hours here and there is heard pretty much 24/7. A chart of the hourly broadcast schedule out of New York and Gander can be found about halfway down the page here:  If you spend long hours staring at the local "traffic & Weather" channel, fires or your aquarium, you'll love this feed.
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