Author Topic: PHNL PHJR Feed Updates & Status  (Read 10053 times)

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PHNL PHJR Feed Updates & Status
« on: October 12, 2005, 08:02:56 AM »
Still having random total disconnections and re-buffers so my apologies to those that tune in. Feed has been largely unmonitored during daylight hours. I've been trying to keep it connected as much as I can.

Scanning in some UHF at Hickam and a few more that are not listed (forgot to add those in the revised frequency list)

129.075 Alpine Aviation Air to Air (definitely not official company frequency!)
130.3 United Airlines Ops (scanned in evening hours)
239.05 UHF PHNL Approach/Departure
257.8 UHF PHNL Tower
266.4 Hula Dancer
269.0 UHF PHNL Approach
292.5 Hickam Command Post
293.7 Hickam Hawaii ANG
372.2 Hickam PTD
349.4 Hickam AMCC

Note: All UHF Frequencies are on 1 second or no delay to preserve voice continuity with the VHF frequencies since there are more aircraft replies on VHF. Some UHF channels may be on or off depending on VHF traffic volume. PHJR Kalaeloa Ground is not scanned.