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GSO Status 02OCT05
« on: October 02, 2005, 07:00:54 PM »
GSO is now operating, and has been for the recent time operating off the new Dipole antenna. Reception hasn't improved majorly due to the trees in the area. However, I'm working on trying to put it somewhere where the reception is better. Freqs current in the feed are as follows...

GSO Tower: 119.1
GSO Ground: 121.9
GSO Delivery: 121.75
GSO App/Dep: 118.5 [l/out due to interference for the moment],120.9,124.35,125.6,126.6 [new]

INT Tower: 123.75
INT Ground: 128.25

ZTL - Atlanta Center
ZTL (Albemarle): 133.15 (High)
ZTL (Athens): 120.425 (High)
ZTL (GSO): 128.8 (Leeon Sector,Low),124.425 (High)
ZTL (HKY): 125.15 (Low),134.55 (Low),132.975 (Ultra-High)

Expect the above freqs to be seperated into these groups in the future...

1. GSO Local (DEL/GND/TWR)


3. ATL Center (eventually going to try and cover nearly all of this area, but expect most to be only a/ comms and not a/g/a, the only a/g/a comms anticipated will be GSO Center sectors)

Note: Today (02OCT05) seems to be a busy day, and they had almost all approach sectors up and running, in addition to a final approach controller. I believe this is due to the high number of exec jets in the area for the greensboro classic golf event.

Edit: Ive also noticed an increase in military activity in and around GSO. Im hoping to have a new scanner soon and be able to recieve military band freqs.