Author Topic: Miami Center WPB RCAG Feed  (Read 2780 times)

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Miami Center WPB RCAG Feed
« on: August 05, 2011, 09:37:44 AM »
For the longest time this feed has been plagued with intermittent power line static. Sometimes it was so bad that the BC350 scanner feeding it lost the signal from the controller side of the transmission. I gave up on the power company fixing it and just prayed for rain…that always temporarily fixed it. I noticed that the UHF frequencies from that RCAG are static free so last night I setup a BC15X scanner to scan the VHF and UHF. I had to attenuate the VHF signal to prevent the controller side from being received, the aircraft may now come in a little weak and I set the scanner to no delay for the moment. Also I have it just scanning two of the sectors (PBI LOW 132.150 / 353.600 and FREEPORT LOW 133.400 / 263.100) anymore sectors and I think it would give you a headache.